Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A (post) birthday birthday post

Depending on where you are, it might still be my birthday. For me, though, it's over, and year 29 begins on a cool, cloudy Thai morning. (Yes, I'm 28, but that means it's the beginning of year 29, since yesterday I basically celebrated not getting myself killed for the first 28 years of my life.)

Today I woke up (relatively) early - I say relatively because it was early for me, but the birds, the farmers, and the neighbors had all probably been up for hours already, and I only felt compelled to join the fray when I remembered the mountain of greasy dishes from last night's birthday dinner still sitting in the kitchen (surreptitiously attracting ants). I also heard a funny noise that convinced me that someone was either attempting to (further) break or to fix our broken fence, so I figured I might as well get up and get something done before school.

The dishes were the aftermath of a hastily conceived and somewhat poorly executed meal of French fries (frozen, purchased Sunday), fried chicken, terrible beer, and "floor brownies."

Josh was responsible for the first three items, although the fact that the beer is terrible isn't his fault.

I am responsible for what turned out to be VERY chocolaty and a little bit  banana-y, not very sweet cookies.

They were supposed to be brownies, but in the manner of my mother, who once forgot to add the flour to the batter, I made some sort of terrible measuring mistake and ended up with something quite unlike a brownie batter. Thinking I had no sugar left, but needing to turn the "brownies" into something more like cookies (or else they would never fill the pan I had to bake them in, resulting in a thin layer of who knows what once baked), I added a little bit of coconut oil (sweet-ish, right?), some more flour, and then mashed a few bananas into the mix and called it a "cookie dough."

After we greased our hands and our bellies on the chicken and fries, I set about baking my new creation. First batch in and out of the oven and....
.... promptly dropped onto the floor.

And then from the floor onto the cooling rack because this is Thailand and chocolate is precious, and there was a worm in the garlic yesterday and I could ignore that, and there's always lizard poop somewhere and ants somewhere else, and further more, it's my birthday.

I managed not to drop the rest of the chocolate-banana cookies. And they were all delicious. And now we will call them "chocolate banana drops" and make them for years to come. But you can call them "floor brownies," if you like.


  1. You should post the recipe ;)

    Happy 29th year. I am glad you have invited me into your life to enjoy part of it. I love the blog and am always impressed by your spirit.


  2. Mmmm floor brownies sound delicious, although just about everything sounds delicious these days. Jones and I have offspring #2 on the way and so I'm always craving non-nutritious calorie sources. I hope all is well with you and Josh and that you're enjoying your adventure in Thailand. We'll be heading to Phoenix this weekend for a little homecoming gathering for Prudy. I absolutely love reading your blog, your descriptive tone is really fun. Take care and tell Josh hello from the Jones's (I'm really not sure how to spell Jones in the possessive or to say it for that matter...help me out English teacher).