Friday, September 27, 2013

Ice Cream Days

Dear America (and friends, family, various others whose names appear in my FB feed for some weird, algorithmic reason),

I miss you. A lot. Really a lot.

I miss the emails we exchanged when I first got here and it was all so interesting and new. I miss your cheese and your green chile (shout out to NM here). I miss our late night chats. I miss knowing what's going on within your borders. I miss the anticipation of the start of ski season. I miss ice cream not being some like, magical amazing expensive thing.

But sometimes, even in Thailand, we get ice cream, and also, we get what I'm starting to think of as Ice Cream Days. You know, days when it just seems like everything kind of goes right (oh, and there's coconut milk ice cream at school and your friends take you out for ice cream after work, too. Yeah, that happens).

This week, I've had two of those. First: Yesterday, there was coconut ice cream at school (and then our friends took us out for ice cream after work, too), and in the intervening two ours between ice cream and ice cream, there was this: my kids dancing (begging to dance) to a bastardized Macarena remix that some woman with a pretty weird accent sings the months of the year to:

And then today, while they begged to watch the videos of themselves dancing this song, one student read the following two books. From cover to cover. Aloud. For fun. 

So, today, there was no ice cream. But it definitely qualifies as an Ice Cream Day. 

America, I miss you, but this is pretty okay. 

Love, /e